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Mixmag Australia/NZ is calling out for your music

Calling all producers, calling all producers.

  • Jack Colquhoun
  • 12 June 2024
Mixmag Australia/NZ is calling out for your music

Here at Mixmag Australia, we are under zero false pretence about being entirely reliant on the musicians, labels, promoters, events, festivals & creatives that make Australia & New Zealand tick.

We’re here because we’re obsessed over everything that happens in dance music globally, but particularly right here at home.

That’s why we’re so dedicated to working with you to ensure that your music goes as far as it truly deserves. In the coming weeks following our launch, we’re setting up a series of formats, including our Mixmag Cover series, ongoing playlists via streaming services, mixes of the week, hosting premieres, the works.

If you’re keen to have your work featured with us, whether for review, in playlists, to submit a mix, premiere a track, or even just get our advice, please drop us a line via the email below.

We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got in store for us.

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