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Carl Cox shares "best of the best" of his 150,000-strong record collection

The legendary DJ/producer has teamed up with UK artist Mark Vessey for a new photography project.

  • 6 July 2024
Carl Cox shares "best of the best" of his 150,000-strong record collection

Carl Cox has selected his “all-time absolute superstar" records from his and his late father’s collection of over 150,000 vinyl.

He has selected the records as part of a forthcoming collection with visual artist Mark Vessey, who is best known for celebrating contemporary pop and dance music culture.

Launching on July 20 at Enter Gallery in Brighton, the collection (called Carl) will showcase each record selected by Cox, alongside a meaningful story where he elaborates on its importance.

Commenting on his collection, the British icon said, “Every single one of these records are not promos, I literally went to the record store and stood there and went through the music ... this collection is the best of the best.”

The records selected span jazz, funk, reggae, acid house, hip-hop, disco and more, with music from: Run DMC, Carrie Lucas, Fleetwood Mac, Lil Louis, Dave Brubeck, Barry White, LL Cool J and many more, in an eclectic collection that serves as a reminder of Cox’s deep understanding of music, which he calls his “superpower”.

Describing the process, Carl has said, “Each record I choose has a story behind it and it was very emotional choosing the records that helped shape my journey.”

He continued, "Watching Mark work really makes me understand how you can look deeper into art and it makes me realise what I privilege and responsibility I have when sharing my love of music with the dancefloor.”

Jamaal Johnson is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow him on Instagram.

This article originally featured on Mixmag Asia.

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