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June wrap up: the best releases of June 2024

Mixmag Australia/NZ's guide to the best local releases in the month of June.

  • Jack Colquhoun
  • 28 June 2024

Welcome to Mixmag Australia/NZ’s guide to the best releases of June 2024.

Each month we’re bringing you updates and recommendations of the best electronic music released around Australia and New Zealand. Expect everything from the darkest depths of techno, to the highest highs of house, and everything in between as we take stock of the most exciting, addictive and experimental sounds happening around us.

Read on for reviews and links to stream and buy the music.

Purchasing music through stores like Bandcamp does so much for the artists you love and we encourage you to support them if you have the means.

We hope you enjoy.

bluhol - Confluence (Oomycota)

Confluence is a one-way ticket to the darker side of Australia’s techno scene, and a statement for fans of the sound both at home and abroad. Bluhol’s (he/him) debut on brand-new Eora/Sydney label Oomycota is as vast as it is intricate.

KSMBA - Emwe (Happy Wax Records)

While only having been active as an artist for 18 months, KSMBA (they/them) has clearly demonstrated their ability to deliver what so many modern audiences are vying for: groovy hard techno. ‘Emwe’ is no different, maintaining a consistent drum-driven pace that takes direct inspiration from KSMBA’s heritage for a refreshing twist on modern techno.

Unpin - Stars in the Pub (Lovejoy)

On this release, Eora’s Unpin (he/him) pushes and twists the sounds of so-called-“Australia” and combines it with his unshakably UK breakbeat inspiration. Alongside some more tender moments guaranteed to turn any spot into a slow jam, Unpin’s production chops are cemented with a smirk on ‘Stars In The Pub’.

Air Max '97 - *for U (DECISIONS)

‘* for U’, spanning across 10 tracks, is a fitting evolution for the SoundCloud mixtape of the early 2010s. Bouncing between gritty rap to progressive pop, Air Max ‘97’s (he/him) credentials within the club bring an edge and polish that allows his collaborators to shine.

al dente - Multiform (Pure Space)

Naarm/Melbourne-born, now Paris-based, al dente’s (he/him) release on Pure Space recordings is a chugging trip through the sassy bleeps and snaps that he’s become well known for.

Ulo S - Uphoria (Animalia)

Having produced under many names, one of the country’s most prolific figures Reptant (he/him) debuts his new tech-house inspired alias Ulo. S for Naarm-label Animalia. Uphoria is the perfect pairing of Reptant’s masterful electro wiggles with the bounce of Naarm’s underground tech-house renaissance.

Various Artists - Backpocket Slammers VOL. 3 (Backpocket Slammers)

Slithering and sliding out of the gate, beloved community label Backpocket Slammers presents VOL3. Covering everything from broken beats to insectoid-like pulses and pop influences, the compilation is a dive into some of Naarm’s most exciting and aspiring new producers.

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